Рass-Through Boot Cleaning Machine 12.1000.00

The machine is designated for boot cleaning when entering in or going out of working areas.

It consists of five brushes with independent motor-gear each, body with steps and rails, injecting system for cleaning agent, control block. The machine is activated by a sensor button. While the sensor is pressed the brushes rotate.

          The machine is made of stainless steel 1.4301 DIN (AISI 304) and complies with the Council Directives No. 2006/42/EC and 2006/95/EC and USDA regulations.


Technical data:
Power supply 400V/3 Ph/50Hz
Control voltage   
24 V DC
Installed voltage 1,2 kW
Water supply min 2 bar
Water outlet DN 50
Passing time 5 s

Length of body (without steps) 760 mm
Total length 1390 mm
Length of brushes for soles
2х300 mm
Height of brushes for boots
3х300 mm
Width 1230 mm
Height 1170 mm