Washing Machine For 380 Crates/h And 160 Pallets/h

With Blow-off Zone, 20.2211.02


The machine is pass-through tunnel machine and is designed to clean standard E1-E3 plastic crates and H1 pallets. It consists of zones for washing and rinsing and blowing-off.


The washing is performed by means of centrifugal pump and adjustable (by hand) nozzles. The washing agent is added manually in the tank before starting the machine (option – automatic dosing system). The tank is equipped with manually cleaned filter for catching the bigger soils. The water for washing can be heated by means of electric heaters or a injector for direct steam. The desired water temperature can be adjusted between 30-60°C via thermostat. For the rinsing is used general water supply. After the rinsing this water is used also for refreshing and additional filling of the washing tank.

In the last zone high pressure blowers and air knives blow off the water from all sides of the product. Because of the different height of the products the position of the upper air knife is adjustable.

The crates are transported with their bottom up, cross moving, and the pallets – with their feet down. Gear motor drives double chain, which speed is smoothly adjustable. The motor is equipped with sliding connector to prevent eventual injuries to the personnel.

The control panel can be mounted either on the left or on the right side of the machine – in accordance with the customer requirements.

          The machine is made of stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304) and complies with the Council Directives 2006/42/ЕС and 2006/95/EC, and USDA regulations.


Technical data:
Аrt. numbers
20.2211.02 20.3211.02
Маx. capacity
380 crates/h, 160 pallets/h
Dimensions of product

crates 600х400х120-400 mm

pallets 1200х800х160 mm

Power supply
400 V/3 Ph/50 Hz
Control voltage
24 V DC
Installed power
60 kW
17 kW
4х11 kW
3-10 bar, 135°C
Drive 0.55 kW
3х2,2 kW
7,5 kW/60 m³/h/3 bar
Tank volume
400 L
Water inlet
min. 3 bar
Water outlet





6850 mm
1600 mm
1780 mm