Disc Saw For Splitting Animal Carcasses, 61.1321.00

The saw is designed for splitting animal carcasses.

It consists of cutting disc with safety cover, driven by electrical motor. For easier use the saw has two handles. To facilitate operator’s work as an option we offer balancer. Water feeding into cutting area ensures cooling and cleaning small cut parts. On the back cover is the switch for electrical supply and the starting lever for cutting begin is on the handle. Releasing the handle stops automatic the rotation of the disc.

Through vertical movements of the saw, controlled by the operator, the animal carcass is bisected.

The diameter of the cutting disc is 450 mm and the profile of the teeth is developed by Storm. Thanks to this the waste of cutting process is reduced with about 20%. Splitting of one carcass takes about 8 seconds.

        The machine is made of stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304) and complies with the Council Directives 2006/42/ЕС and 2006/95/EC, and USDA regulations.


Technical data:
Diameter of cutting blade
450 mm
Disc revolution
740 rpm
Installed power 3 kW
Water inlet
2 bar
Power supply 3х400 V/50 Hz