Filling machine 62.4014.42

The machine is semi-automatic and is designated for filling of bags type bag-in-box through a single filling head. It is designated to process a wide range of liquids - from high viscosity (such as milk and wine) to different types of juices and water.

The machine multifunction control unit allows quickly and easily to insert various parameters - liters, working mode, number of cycles, pump mode and so on. The combination of Festo pneumatic group and pneumatic SMC meets the safety requirements of the EU.

Placing the empty and releasing the full bag is made manually by the operator. All the other processes are made automatically.

The machine is equipped with a cleaning system (CIP) allowing the easy cleaning before and after each working cycle. Depending on the type of liquid at the filling, a special cleaning mixture or only water can be used for the purpose. The system does not require a specially made hose.

The metal frame of the machine is made of stainless steel DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304). The plastic material used in the machine is allowed for food industry.


Technical data:

at 3 l - 200-220 pcs./h;

at 5 l - 180-200 pcs./h;

at 10 l - 160-190 pcs./h;

at 20 l - 100-120 pcs./h;

Power supply
230 V (L, N, PE) 50 Hz
Installed power
max. 1 kW
Air supply
min. 6 bar
Nitrogen pressure
0,5-1 bar
Air consumption
max. 10 m³/h



930 mm
680 mm
Height 1480 mm