Washing Machine For 200 l And 300 l Buggies,

Up To 30 Pcs./H., 25.8130.0000

The machine is designated for washing of 200 l and 300 l

buggies (DIN9797). It is cabin machine with built in ventilation system.

The machine secure maximum safety of the personnel – loading and unloading of the buggy and the closing and opening of the door is controlled from the operator. The construction of the machine allows washing both buggy volumes without any adjustments.

The washing process starts only after loading the trolley, closing the door and pressing Start button. The washing and rinsing is performed by means of stainless steel pump and combination of rotating frame with nozzles (inside washing) and fixed collectors with nozzles (for outside and wheel’s washing).

The water for the washing circulates in closed cycle and for the rinsing is used general water supply, which refreshes the solution in the washing tank after the process. The tank is equipped with manually cleaned filter for catching the bigger soils. The water for washing can be heated by means of electric heaters, injector for direct steam or both.

The control panel and the electrical cabinet can be mounted on the right or on the left side of the machine.

         The machine is made of stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304) and complies with the Council Directives 2006/42/ЕС and 2006/95/EC, and USDA regulations.



-  Automatic dosing system for detergent filling and dosing (with concentration measurement);

              -      Continuously working drum filter for constant separating and removing of insoluble dregs.


Тechnical data:
Маx. capacity up to 30 pcs./h 200 l or 300 l buggy
Power supply 400V/3Ph/50Hz
Control voltage
24 V DC
Installed power 9 kW
3-10 bar, 135°C
Drive 0,75 kW
Pump 7,5 kW/62 m³/h/3 bar
Ventilation 0,37 kW
Water inlet
min 3 bar
Water outlet

Length 2040 mm
Width 1860 mm
Height 3090 mm