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Washing machines for trolleys, February 2018

     The review of the last year 2017 shows that the highest percent of new machines is of the chamber washing machines for trolleys for smoking, baking etc.


Processed cheese press, December 2017

     Company Storm Engineering AD presents to your attention our new machine - processed cheese press. The special execution of the machine helps separating milk products of their packing.


Lathe with CNC control unit, Oktober 2017

     We are glad to inform you that Storm Engineering SA extends the range of services offered and now we can offer you manufacture of details with lathe with CNC control unit.


Washing machine of crates with glasses, July 2017

     Company Storm Engineering SA presents to your attention its new machine - washing machine for the catering industry. The special execution of the machine helps washing not only standard crates but also crates with glasses as well.


Vacuum tumbler loading, June 2017

     Storm continues to develop in the direction of lifting and turning devices. We present device for loading vacuum tumblers with special execution chute.


Transport systems, April 2017

      Storm Engineering gladely informs you, that we continue with the challenges. This time it is the increasing quantity requests for transport systems and conveyors.


Ice bank istallations, Februrary 2017

     Company Storm Engineering produces ice bank installations battery type with various capacities: from 45 000 to 2 240 000 Kcal with tanks with capacity from  1 400 l to 61 000 l.


Machine for washing of bearings, January 2017

     Storm Engineering is pleased once again to inform you about our new development - machine for washing and drying of bearings, made of stainless steel AISI 304.


Combined cheese cutting machine, November 2016

     Storm Engineering continues to support its customers responding to their needs - we present you the new combined cheese cutting machine. It consists of two cutting instruments - the first is for cutting the middle of the cheese block and the second one - for cutting it into pieces.


Cleaning of animal gut, July 2016

     Storm Engineering SA is pleased once again to inform you about our last development - machine for cleaning of animal gut, which is build from stainless steel 304.


Line for Cooling of Byproducts, July 2016

     Storm specializes in equipment for poultry slaughterhouse and started to produce line for cooling of byproducts. The innovative technology helps for faster and efficient preparation of goose liver for its further processing and preservs its look. Thanks to its efficiency it saves about 23 hours compared to the previously known methods.


Participation in IFFA 2016, May 2016

     Storm company participated in the largest exhibition in the world of meat industry - IFFA from 7-th till 12-th May in Frankfurt am Main.

     Our visitors had the chance to look closеly at our best machine - the universal machine for cutting and mixing, also hygiene station, washing machine for crates and column lifter.


Platforms for Multihead Weighing Machines, March 2016


     Storm company began production of platforms for multihead weighing machines. They are made entirely of stainless steel and according clients' needs.


Second Hand Machines, March 2016

      Storm company now offers also second hand machines - autoclaves, can seamers and others.

     For more information visit the special section in our web site, please click here.


Participation in Foodtech, February 2016

     Storm company participated in the combined exhibition for food industry in the International Plovdiv Fair, 24-28.02.2016 and was even awarded from the organizers.

     Our visitors had the chance to look at one small washing machine for crates and different cutting tools, which we produce and offer.